Guarding Your Peace: A Definitive Guide to Blocking 757-944-4585 Calls

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If your phone has been ringing lately with calls from the number 757-944-4585, you’re probably curious who it is and if it’s a scam. This blog will provide some background on this Virginia-based number, signs it could be a scam call, and tips to stop unwanted calls from 757-944-4585 as well as other suspicious numbers.

Who is Calling from 757-944-4585? 757-944-4585 is associated with a landline phone number from the 757 area code which covers eastern Virginia. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who is calling from this specific number. Scammers and telemarketers often use spoofing technology to make it seem like they are calling locally when they are not.

Some possible sources of calls from 757-944-4585 include:

  • Telemarketers – The number could belong to a telemarketing company making unsolicited sales or promotional calls. Even if you are on the Do Not Call registry, telemarketers sometimes ignore the list.
  • Scammers – Scam callers often use spoofed numbers to hide their real identities. The call could originate from a scammer claiming you owe money, selling questionable services, or trying to obtain personal information.
  • Robocalls – Robocalls using automated dialing technology to deliver prerecorded messages en masse often spoof legitimate looking numbers. The call may come from a robocall platform.
  • Debt Collectors – Collection agencies and creditors sometimes use autodialers and prerecorded prompts to contact those with outstanding debts. The number may tie to a debt collection campaign.
  • Political Groups – During election seasons, political organizations and campaigns conduct robocalls and mass calling. The number may link to a political survey or donation request call.
  • Charities – Charitable organizations may farm out telefundraising calls to third party call centers. The number could be from a charity drive.
  • Mistaken Identity – It’s possible a legitimate business or individual simply entered your number incorrectly by mistake. The call may have been intended for another party.


  • Scam calls like IRS tax scams, tech support scams, loan and debt scams, etc. Scammers know using a local number gets more answers.
  • Aggressive telemarketers selling products, soliciting donations, or conducting surveys
  • Robocalls playing prerecorded messages when you answer
  • Skip tracers or debt collectors trying to recover unpaid bills

Be cautious with any unknown callers, do not provide personal information, and utilize blocking if the number is linked to illegal robocalls or scams. Checking online complaints may reveal more about the source.

Red Flags it May Be a Scam Call There are a few clues that a call from 757-944-4585 may be a scam:

  • You don’t recognize the number and have no history with the caller
  • They call repeatedly even if you don’t answer
  • The robocall or live caller asks for personal information like your SSN or bank account number
  • You are threatened with arrest, legal action, or utility shutoff if immediate payment is not made
  • They call early in the morning or late at night outside normal business hours
  • The caller becomes aggressive or abusive if you question their motives

Take Steps to Stop Calls from 757-944-4585 If you want to eliminate calls from 757-944-4585 as well as other annoying robocalls and scam calls, here are some tips:

  • Don’t answer unknown callers. Let unknown calls go to voicemail so potential scammers hang up.
  • Screen callers through services like Nomorobo that can detect and block robocalls.
  • Ask to be added to the company’s internal Do Not Call list if it’s a legitimate business call.
  • File complaints with the FTC and FCC about illegal robocallers and telemarketers.
  • Contact your phone carrier about call blocking tools to stop calls before they reach you.
  • Register your number on the National Do Not Call Registry to reduce legal telemarketing calls.

The Key is Being Proactive Against Annoying Calls Dealing with annoying or fraudulent calls takes some work, but being cautious about sharing your number, not answering unknown callers, and using available blocking technology can help protect you. Always contact the proper authorities to report illegal scam callers – this helps shutdownoperations. With some proactive steps, you can reduce unwanted calls from 757-944-4585 as well as other potentially threatening numbers.

FAQs About Calls from 757-944-4585

Q: Is 757-944-4585 a telemarketer or scammer?

A: It’s impossible to say for certain without more details from the caller, but the number displays red flags of a potential scam call.

Q: What is the best way to stop calls from 757-944-4585?

A: Using call blocking services, filing complaints, and not answering unknown calls can help stop unwanted calls.

Q: Can I block 757-944-4585 on my iPhone?

A: Yes, iPhone users can go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification and add specific numbers to block.

Q: What happens if I answer a call from 757-944-4585?

A: Don’t give out any personal information. Hang up and report suspicious, aggressive, or threatening callers.

Q: How did scammers get my phone number?

A: Scammers buy lead lists online, harvest numbers from breached databases, or use auto-dialers to call random numbers.

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