Guarding Your Peace: A Comprehensive Guide to Blocking 877-671-4916 Calls

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If your phone frequently rings with calls from 877-671-4916, you aren’t alone. This number is associated with various scams impersonating government agencies, businesses, and more in hopes of stealing your money or personal information. Read on to learn common scam tactics tied to 877-671-4916 and smart tips to stop those annoying calls for good.

Scam Calls Associated with 877-671-4916 While no legitimate companies have been connected to 877-671-4916, some common scams linked to this number include:

  • Fake debt collectors demanding payment for non-existent bills and threatening legal action if you don’t pay immediately. They may use intimidation tactics or lie about garnishing your wages.
  • IRS imposters claiming you owe back taxes and fees and demanding payment by gift card or cryptocurrency to avoid arrest or other penalties. Real IRS agents would never call out of the blue demanding instant payment.
  • Tech support scammers alleging your computer has a virus and offering to fix it remotely for a fee. They may ask for remote access to actually infect your device and steal data.
  • Bank and credit card fraudsters “confirming” your account information and asking for passwords, PINs, or other details they can use to access your accounts.
  • Government Imposter Scams – Callers falsely claim to be from the Social Security Administration, IRS, or other agencies and demand immediate payment of supposed fines or overdue taxes.
  • Arrest Warrant Scams – Scammers threaten victims with imminent arrest for fabricated legal issues like missed jury duty. They demand payment of fines to avoid arrest.
  • Utility Disconnection Scams – Callers pose as utility company reps and threaten to disconnect electric or water service unless immediate payment is made.
  • Loan Approval Scams – Victims are told they qualify for a personal loan but must pay an upfront insurance, processing fee, or tax before receiving funds. The loan is fake.
  • Tech Support Scams – Callers claim to be Microsoft, Apple, or third-party tech support. They offer to fix device issues after gaining remote access which is used to steal data.
  • Robocalls – Illicit robocalls deliver prerecorded messages with COVID-19 cons, requests for donations, alerts about compromised accounts, and other topics to prompt callbacks.
  • Warranty Expiration Scams – Victims are informed the warranty for their car or electronic device is expiring and they must purchase an extension to maintain coverage.
  • Illegal Payday Loan Calls – Robocalls threaten legal action for failure to repay payday loans the victim never took out. The goal is obtaining bank account info.

Red Flags It’s a Scam Call Warning signs a call from 877-671-4916 is likely a scam include:

  • High-pressure tactics demanding immediate payments or threatening arrest if you don’t comply
  • Requests for unusual forms of payment like gift cards, MoneyPak, or cryptocurrency
  • Caller refuses to provide company name, callback number, mailing address, or other verifying details
  • Caller becomes aggressive or insulting if you question their motives
  • Robocalls with urgent messages asking you to “press 1” to speak with an “agent”

How to Stop Calls from 877-671-4916 To protect yourself from scams using 877-671-4916 and reduce annoying calls, take these steps:

  • Register your number on the FTC’s Do Not Call list at
  • Use call blocking apps and enable spam call filters through your phone carrier
  • Never confirm or provide personal or financial details to unsolicited callers
  • Report scam callers to the FTC and Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Warn family members about current phone scams you come across

Trust your gut if a call seems suspicious. Take proactive measures to protect your identity and accounts from phone scammers. Report them so these operations can be shut down and others protected.

FAQs About 877-671-4916

Q: Is 877-671-4916 a real debt collector or IRS agent?

A: No, scammers spoof this number to impersonate agencies and businesses. Real collectors or IRS will mail letters first.

Q: Can I get in trouble if I don’t pay scammers calling from 877-671-4916?

A: No, you cannot get arrested or face legal trouble from not paying scammers. Ignore their threats.

Q: How do I block 877-671-4916 calls?

A: Contact your phone carrier about call blocking tools or use third party apps. You can block specific numbers.

Q: What happens if I provided scammers with personal information?

A: Contact banks and credit bureaus to protect accounts. Get monitoring services if SSN or identity was compromised.

Q: Can I sue for unwanted calls from 877-671-4916?

A: No, but you can file FCC and FTC complaints. Telemarketers violating the DNC list can face fines up to $43,280 per call.

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