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Innovation in Wire and Cable: Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CIT) designs, manufactures, and supplies specialized wire, cable, connectors, and integrated solutions for demanding environments. They are a technology leader providing mission-critical products and custom engineering services.

Overview of Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

CIT has over 50 years of expertise developing trusted interconnect solutions for aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and test & measurement applications. Key facts:

  • Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Florida
  • Employs over 1200 people across 10 global locations
  • Known for engineering innovation and problem-solving
  • Manufactures over 50,000 standard and custom parts
  • Supplies 60+ domestic and international markets
  • Holds several patents and proprietary processes

CIT invests heavily in R&D and engineering to create mission-critical interconnect solutions tailored to complex applications and harsh operating environments.

Products and Capabilities

CIT provides an extensive catalog of standard interconnect products combined with full custom design and engineering services:


CIT is a leading supplier of interconnects. They offer a large catalog of standard connectors, cables and accessories in stock. Additionally, they provide full design and engineering services. The following are some of the key products and capabilities:

  • Connectors: Cinch, Tensolite and Tri-Star brands all offer connectors with a standard part number of over 25,000. All major connectors types are available.
  • Cables – We offer a wide variety of pre-configured and fully customized cable assemblies to meet your application needs. Options include raw cable and complex wired harnesses.
  • Backplane Assembly – CIT designs complex backplanes, rack-and-panel assembly for data centers, telecommunications, and industrial automation.
  • CIT’s engineers can provide full-service custom design, prototyping and testing of interconnect solutions for unique applications.
  • CIT Ruggedized Products: CIT is a specialist in ruggedized products with high reliability and full environmental sealing. These are ideal for industries such as defense, aerospace and energy.
  • CIT connectors and cable meet strict emission requirements with EMI Filtering.
  • Online Tools – CIT’s online design tools help engineers with connector selection, custom cables design, modeling and technical documentation searchs.

CIT offers a combination of standard catalog items and custom design services to provide an interconnect solution that is ideal for almost any application.

Wires and Cables

Coax, twinax, triax, fiber optic, multiconductor/harnesses, custom cables

CIT has one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry, including:

  • Coaxial Cables: A wide range of coaxial cables, including semi-rigid and flexible assemblies, as well as low-loss coax assemblies, are available.
  • Twinax Cables: Cost-effective twinax cables and wires for high-speed data transfers. Supports 10Gbps and 25Gbps interfaces.
  • Triaxial Cables: Precision triax cables with braided shielding to optimize signal integrity. Triax cables are ideal for testing and measurement applications.
  • CIT offers fiber optic cables that meet all the common specifications, including singlemode, multifocal, composite, breakaway style and cables for harsh environments.
  • Multiconductor Cables: Custom shielded or unshielded cables available in continuous runs, fixed lengths and connectorized.
  • Complex Harnesses: Multi-branch harnesses, from simple to complex designs.
  • CIT offers bulk cables in coax and twinax as well as fiber and multiconductor cables that can be cut to length with connector termination.

CIT’s cable design expertise allows it to deliver high-quality, custom-designed wire and cable solutions.


Circular, rectangular, Micro-D, fiber optic, RF, coax, power

CIT offers one of the industry’s broadest connector portfolios with both in-stock and custom models including:

  • Circular Connectors – Mil-spec circular types such as MIL-DTL-38999 plus specialized connectors like LEMO, Socapex, and Bulgin Buccaneer ranges.
  • Rectangular Connectors – Rack-and-panel, circular DIN, and other form factors for industrial, datacom, telecom, medical, and test/measurement uses.
  • Micro Connectors – Ruggedized micro-miniature circular connectors including Micro-D, Nano-D, and Nano-E designs by Glenair.
  • Fiber Optic – Expansive catalog of fiber optic connectors from LC and SC to MTP/MPO and harsh environment tactical designs.
  • RF Connectors – RF connectors providing low VSWR up to 65GHz+ such as SMA, SSMA, TNC, Type-N, QMA, and precision APC 3.5mm.
  • Coaxial Connectors – Broad selection of Mil-spec and commercial coax connectors including BNC, TNC, Type N, 7/16, and 4.3-10.
  • Power Connectors – Mil-spec and industrial power connectors rated from 15 to 400+ amps with multiple termination styles.
  • Custom Design – For unique applications, CIT’s engineers design fully custom interconnect solutions tailored to project needs.

CIT’s vast connector expertise and selection enables engineers to source optimized solutions ranging from COTS to fully custom.

Integrated Solutions

Electromechanical assemblies, chassis-integrated cabling

CIT offers a wide range of interconnect solutions, including:

  • Backplanes: Engineered backplanes and midplanes for data centers, telecoms, industrial and military applications.
  • Complex Harnesses: Wiring harnesses that are application-specific and multi-function cables for easy integration into assemblies.
  • Chassis Cabling: End-to end cabling solutions including connectors, wires and accessories for chassis and enclosure installation.
  • Rugged Enclosures: Interconnect solutions integrated into rugged enclosures that are tightly sealed and ideal for harsh environments.
  • Instrumentation Cabling: Data acquisition, Test and Measurement System Integration from customized sensor wiring up to turnkey solutions.
  • Rack Integration Services (CIT) – CIT integrates interconnect assemblies into rack infrastructure and client data centers.
  • Technical Documentation – Manufacturing and maintenance documentation, including schematics and drawings, specifications and procedures, and IETMs.

CIT’s integrated solutions simplify the integration process by providing clients with fully-built and documented interconnect assemblies that are optimized for their application.

Engineering Services

Design, rapid prototyping, testing/validation, manufacturing engineering

CIT offers a full range of engineering services, including:

  • CIT Engineering Services – CIT engineers can design custom solutions using the latest modeling and simulation software.
  • Rapid Prototyping: CIT’s 3D printing and manufacturing capability allows it to quickly build functional prototypes that can be tested and validated.
  • Testing/Validation CIT tests and validates electrical performance as well as environmental sealing, shock/vibration resistance, EMI/EMC and other parameters in state-of-the art labs.
  • Manufacturing Engineering – Manufacturability of custom solutions is engineered by CIT, who provides complete production drawings, BOMs and test procedures, as well as all documentation.
  • Low-Volume Manufacturing – CIT’s flexible manufacturing allows it to produce custom interconnect assemblies at a cost-effective price for lower-volume applications.
  • CIT offers lifecycle support – from initial concept through to final deployment, CIT offers technical support, managed spares/obsolescence and maintenance services.

CIT’s engineering expertise from end-to-end transforms product specifications into optimized and test-validated interconnect designs.

CIT’s vertically integrated model allows control over the complete interconnect manufacturing process resulting in enhanced quality and performance.

Markets Served

CIT provides engineered interconnect solutions for major industries including:

CIT offers engineered interconnect solutions for major industries that have rigorous application requirements, including:

  • Aerospace & Defense – Ruggedized, high-reliability, interconnects designed for avionics and missiles. Also, shipboard systems and satellite communication systems.
  • Telecom/Datacom: Interconnects that support high-speed data transmission in telecom infrastructure, data centres, networking equipment and cable/satellite communication.
  • Transportation – Solutions in vehicle networking, rail data system, flight testing and instrumentation, avionics. Fleet management, traffic control, and fleet management.
  • Medical – Custom wiring and connectors for MRI machines and surgical robots. Also, dental equipment and other medical technology.
  • Precision interconnect assemblies for test stands, instruments and data acquisition hardware.
  • Energy – Hardened interconnects for oil/gas production systems, power generation, solar/wind farms, mining, and power distribution/management.
  • Industrial – Solutions for automation equipment, process controls, robotics and IoT. Environmental monitoring, hazardous operation connectivity, and IoT are also available.

CIT’s expertise in these core market segments helps to deliver engineered interconnects tailored to each application.

Aerospace and Defense

Designs qualified to military standards, flight-critical systems

CIT offers comprehensive interconnect solutions to meet the highest standards of aerospace and defense applications, including:

  • Mil-Standard connectors – Wide selection of MIL DTL 38999, MIL DTL 26482, and MIL DTL 83723 as well as other circular and rectangle mil-spec connectors.
  • Ruggedized Cables: Interconnect cables designed to withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, fluids and other military hazards.
  • Flight Testing – Quick-turn prototyping, instrumentation, data acquisition solutions supporting R&D flight testing.
  • Avionics Systems: Manufacturing of interconnects for flight controls and navigation systems.
  • Missile Systems: Design and production mission-critical wiring harnesses and connectors for missile defense systems.
  • Rugged Enclosures: Interconnect solutions in shock-resistant, securely sealed enclosures for mobile and aerial use.
  • Full Documentation: Complete manufacturing and maintenance documentation including schematics, drawings, specifications, etc. Comes standard.

CIT has been providing rugged and reliable interconnect solutions for aerospace/defense for over 50 years. These solutions are engineered to meet strict military requirements.


Imaging systems, electrosurgical devices, patient monitoring

CIT provides custom engineered interconnect solutions for a wide range of medical OEMs including:

  • Imaging Systems – Precise cabling and wiring for MRI, CT, X-Ray, and ultrasound imaging systems supporting high bandwidth video and signals.
  • Electrosurgical Devices – Interconnect assemblies meeting IEC 60601 safety standards for electrosurgical generators and instruments.
  • Patient Monitoring – Rugged connectors, sensors, and cabling for ECG, SpO2, EtCO2, EEG, and multiparameter patient monitors.
  • Dental Equipment – Interconnect cabling and handpiece wiring for dental chairs, imaging systems, surgical tools, and laboratory equipment.
  • Surgical Robotics – Highly flexible cabling for robotic instrument/camera arms with tight packaging requirements.
  • Medical Carts – Application-specific harnessing and accessories for streamlined integration into point-of-care carts.
  • Sterilization Compatibility – Assemblies using radiation, autoclave and chemical sterilization resistant materials.

CIT helps medical OEMs deliver reliable connectivity in lifesaving healthcare technologies.


Robotics, automation, process control systems

CIT offers rugged and high-performance interconnect systems for industrial applications, including:

  • Factory Automation – Custom wiring and connectors for HMIs, PLCs and motor drives.
  • Process Control – Hazardous environment cabling solutions and distributed I/O for process manufacturing plants.
  • Robotics: Highly flexible cable designed for long-term flexing and movement to connect robotics equipment.
  • Heavy Machinery – Strong, sealed interconnects, harnesses, and construction equipment for mining machines, mobile machinery, and other mobile machines.
  • Test Stands: Custom instrumentation wiring and data acquisition for engine, wind-tunnel, and endurance test rigs.
  • Power Distribution – High-current busbars for power distribution, connectors and links.
  • Environmental Monitoring – Custom remote telemetry module and wiring for agriculture and fire monitoring, pollution and weather systems.

CIT helps industrial organizations improve uptime, safety and long-term reliability through application-optimized interconnect solutions.

Test and Measurement

EMC/EMI testing, telecom device testing

CIT offers specialized interconnect products for testing and measurement applications, including:

  • EMC/EMI Tests – Customized RF cabling assemblies, shielded accessories and other components meet the strict requirements of electromagnetic compatibility testing and interference tests.
  • Sensor Wiring: Application-specific cables and connectors for integrating sensors and transducers in test apparatus.
  • Data Acquisition – Complete turnkey instrumentation wiring and cabling for automated test stands, ranges, and documentation.
  • Telecom Testing – Interconnects optimized to test wireless and wireline devices, broadband and networking devices according to industry standards.
  • Power Testing – High-current busbars and cabling rated to electrical power testing equipment.
  • Thermal Management – Engineered cables and heat sinks that maintain temperature tolerances over extended test cycles.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Quick-turn prototype assemblies for proof-of concept test configurations and early tests.
  • Custom Fixturing: Interface plates, mounting panels and housings that are specifically designed to connect interconnected test components.

CIT’s expertise with test and measurement instruments streamlines the integration custom wiring, cables, and components.

Oil and Gas

Downhole tools, topside instrumentation

CIT offers rugged and specialized interconnects for oil and gas applications, including:

  • Downhole Tools: High-pressure, high-temperature rated cables and connectors used for downhole electronic, logging systems, and measurement tools.
  • Tubing Hangers: Custom cables and connectors for reliable signal transmission.
  • Topside Systems: Hazardous Environment interconnects for offshore/onshore instrumentation, controls, and power.
  • Refining Operation – We engineer robust wiring, runs and custom manifolds for oil processing plants.
  • Tank Gauging: Applications include the cabling of radar tank gauges and inventory management systems.
  • Fleet Management – Vehicle telemetry solutions, asset tracking systems, and mobile communication interconnects.
  • Exploration Equipment: Ruggedized wiring harnesses, connectors and cabling for seismic systems and site surveys.

CIT’s experience in hardened interconnects provides reliable performance in high-pressure oil and gas environments.

CIT’s interconnect solutions support technology innovation in sectors requiring safety, speed, and reliability.

Why Choose Carlisle Interconnect?

CIT is the trusted choice for interconnect solutions when performance is critical:

  • Complete end-to-end design and manufacturing
  • Unparalleled engineering expertise
  • Rapid prototyping and testing
  • Scaled production capacity
  • Consistent quality control
  • Global supply chain and logistics
  • Decades supplying high-reliability applications
  • Knowledgeable technical support

CIT’s high-performance interconnect solutions evoke excellence in next-generation technologies.

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