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Corvid Technologies: Innovative Healthcare Software Solutions

Corvid Technologies, a healthcare IT company, provides customized software solutions as well as consulting services to hospitals, health systems and physician practices. Corvid, headquartered in Nashville, TN aims to solve the complex challenges of healthcare IT.

Corvid Technologies Overview

Corvid Technologies, founded in 2000, leverages domain expertise in clinical system, revenue cycle management and IT infrastructure in order to improve outcomes for healthcare organizations. Their solutions improve operational efficiency, lower costs and facilitate data-driven coordination of care.

Corvid Technologies:

  • Privately owned company founded in 2000
  • Nashville-based company with offices across the country
  • We have 150+ staff with clinical, technical and consulting experience
  • Ranked as one of the top revenue cycle firms

Corvid provides customized IT solutions to over 600 healthcare facilities in the U.S.

Corvid Technologies’ team of software developers and engineers creates innovative, customized software solutions that are tailored to clients in a variety of industries. Corvid offers software services and products in several key areas.

  • Drone Control Systems: Corvid creates advanced software to control, automate, and integrate both commercial drones as well as systems designed for clients’ specific needs. Included in this is flight control, data collection, and automation software.
  • Data Management Platforms: To manage the vast amount of data collected by drones, Corvid develops cloud-based systems that automate data collection, analysis and visualization. AI powers data insights.
  • Fleet Management Software: Corvid’s fleet software analyzes and tracks drone usage metrics and health metrics in order to optimize performance and maintenance. It integrates with IoT and sensors.
  • Corvid’s Mission Planning and Operations Software is designed to help plan complex drone missions and workflows. This software allows for easy mission deployment, tracking, and optimization when automated operations are performed.
  • Custom Integration Software: Corvid’s integration software seamlessly connects drones/drones to existing business systems such as ERPs, dashboards and data warehouses. APIs enable deep integration.
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance: Corvid uses cybersecurity best practices, including access controls. Their software meets all legal requirements.

Corvid, a drone software company that combines expertise in a variety of areas, offers customized products to help transform business outcomes.

Clinical Solutions

EHR optimization, computerized physician order entry, clinical decision support, patient portal solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management

Denial prevention, analytics, and RCM services.

Enterprise Applications

Data integration, inventory management, supply-chain tools, and reporting.

Infrastructure and Security

System integration, data center design, network optimization, disaster recovery.

Fulcrum Health’s value-based solutions are built around configurable technology, which gives clients the tools they need to succeed with risk-based models. They offer:

  • Care Coordination Software: Robust platforms for care management track patients’ journeys throughout the continuum. They also allow better care transitions and multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as helping to identify high-risk individuals who can benefit from targeted interventions.
  • Population Health Analytics: Data-driven analytics identifies patient populations with high costs or utilization in order to identify opportunities for improving health outcomes. Risk stratification allows for personalized outreach.
  • Risk Management Tools: Applications that incorporate industry-best practices in risk management and workflows, reducing costs and preventing adverse events.
  • Fulcrum does not use a one-size fits all technology. They begin by understanding the strategies, challenges, and objectives of each client. They then configure the best value-based technology suite tailored to each client’s unique needs and objectives.

Fulcrum Health empowers its clients to thrive with value-based models of care by providing the technology foundation that enables improved coordination, analytics driven insights, and risk-management. Find out how they can customize an ideal solution for you.


Implementation and Managed Service

Corvid offers a wide range of implementation and management services, including:

  • Project management, deployment and training
  • Support for ongoing application management
  • Hosting, infrastructure monitoring and data backup
  • Upgrades to the system and regular enhancements
  • End-user help desk services
  • Services of IT strategy planning and advisory services

The full-service model of partnership allows clients to maximize their technology investments.

A key part of Corvid’s value is providing complete solutions encompassing not just industry-leading drone technology but also expert implementation and ongoing management. Their full-service approach includes:

  • Project Management, Deployment, and Training – For every project, a dedicated Corvid project manager oversees requirement gathering, solution design, deployment, integration, and user training. Their PMs ensure programs launch successfully and clients adopt solutions for maximum ROI.
  • Ongoing Application Management and Support – Corvid offers flexible managed service plans for maintaining and supporting drone programs long-term. This can include system monitoring, maintenance, compliance, flight operations assistance, data analysis, continuous optimization and more.
  • Fleet and Equipment Management – Corvid handles logistics of fleet provisioning, maintenance, licensing, insurance and can provide leasing options. For equipment-heavy solutions, they manage the hardware lifecycle so clients focus on using, not maintaining, drones.
  • Data Management and Analysis – Corvid’s data experts help collect, integrate and analyze the immense data sets generated by enterprise drone usage. They extract and deliver insights.
  • Continuous Solution Optimization – Corvid continually monitors solution performance and evolving client needs to incrementally enhance programs via expert tuning, expanded features, newer technologies.

By offering end-to-end implementation and management, Corvid enables clients to maximize returns on drone investments. Just let them know your needs and they handle the rest.

Why choose Corvid Technologies

Corvid Technologies offers healthcare organisations:

  • Software solutions that meet the needs of clinical, financial and operational requirements
  • Expertise in major Healthcare IT Applications
  • Service tailored to each client’s specific requirements
  • Best practices based on advisory services
  • Enhancing and managing solutions on a continuous basis
  • Concentrate on achieving results that are measurable

Corvid Technologies has been a leader in transformative IT solutions for healthcare for over two decades.

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