Exploring GM Salary in Building Technology and Construction

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GM Salary in Building Technology

Explore GM Salary in Building Technology and Construction

General managers are essential to the success of construction and building technologies companies. They are responsible for overseeing critical operations, budgets, and personnel. What is the average salary for GMs?

This article will explore the key statistics and factors affecting compensation for general managers in building technology, construction, and related fields.

Salary Ranges Typical of Base Salary

Recent data shows that the average salary of a building technology general manager falls between $130,000 and $160,000 in the United States. This range is for GMs in all sizes of firms and geographical regions.

Salary can vary greatly based on:

  • Comp. rates are higher for larger construction companies.
  • Location – The major metro areas are elevated.
  • Experience level – 10+ years of experience increases compensation.

For senior roles, bonuses and equity can be worth $50k or even more. Although total compensation varies, $140k to $180k is a good benchmark.

Factors Impacting GM Salary

A number of factors will determine the range in which a general manager’s salary falls:

  • Company Revenue – Salary scales along with company size and revenue.
  • Construction – Commercial construction can pay more than residential.
  • Profit/Loss Responsibilities – Direct P&L ownership leads to higher pay.
  • Years of Experience – A decade or more in a GM/VP role leads to a higher compensation.
  • Location – New York City and San Francisco pay more than other regions.
  • Education – Graduate degrees in engineering and business.

Understanding these dynamics can help you gauge the salary expectations for GM positions.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a general manager are diverse. Common responsibilities include the following:

  • Financial management – Budgets, forecasting and reporting.
  • Operations – Productivity, safety, quality, resources.
  • Strategy – Planning, growth initiatives, competitive analysis.
  • Business development – Bidding, contracts, expanding clientele.
  • Recruitment, development and retention of talent are all part of HR and talent management.

The GM’s role is so broad and complex that it often pays more than VP positions.

You can read more about it here:

Base pay is often between $130,000 and $160,000 for a general manager in the building technology and construction industry. Compensation is determined by factors such as company size, industry sector, years of experience and education, geographical location, P&L responsibility, and company size. The high pay scale is due to the extensive supervision required across strategy, finance, operations and sales.

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