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Lift chairs from Golden Technologies can help you or someone close to you stand up while providing the maximum comfort. Golden Technologies has a stellar reputation for quality, comfort, and reliability in lift chairs.

This guide will highlight the best Golden Technologies lift chairs for their functionality, comfort and value.

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and comfort from their lift chair, Golden’s MaxiComfort series delivers an exceptionally plush and customizable lift recliner experience.

MaxiComfort chairs envelop users with indulgent high-end features including:

  • Overstuffed Pillow Top Arms and Chaise Pad – The armrests and extending chaise pad boast a sumptuous overstuffed pillow top design that cradles the body in plush fiberfill cushioning. This provides cloud-like softness without losing support.
  • Plush Fiberfill Cushioning for Pressure Relief – Strategic fiberfill cushioning throughout the chair conforms to the body’s shape, aiding circulation and reducing pressure points for all-day relaxed comfort. The breathable fill offers just-right cushioning.
  • Dual Motors Ensure Smooth and Quiet Operation – Two low-noise motors independently control the lifting and reclining functions for whisper-quiet adjustments. The chair gently raises users up to 350 lbs to standing position or reclines fully flat with ease.
  • 350 lb Weight Capacity – With extra-strong dual motors and reinforced internal framework, the chair safely lifts and supports users up to 350 pounds. The high capacity accommodates most body types and sizes.
  • Optional Luxury Features Like Heated Headrest and Massage – For the ultimate experience, add optional features like a soothing heated headrest or multi-mode massage with variable intensities. Customization ensures ideal comfort.

Built for luxury and comfort inside and out, the MaxiComfort series provides a blissful lift chair experience. Contact Golden’s team to customize your dream chair with available options.



MaxiComfort lift chairs are the ultimate in comfort for you or your family members.

Golden’s Cirrus range strikes the perfect balance between price, performance and features that are essential to a quality lifting experience.

Cirrus lift chairs are designed with accessibility in mind and can be used every day.

  • Steel Lifting System for Reliable Strength: The steel lifting mechanism has passed strict weight tests to ensure long-term durability. It also allows for a smooth and easy raising/lowering movement. This internal frame is strong enough to lift up to 325 pounds safely.
  • Plush Contoured Comfort – Foam headrest, backrests, armrests and seats are molded to provide ergonomic support and customized comfort without compromising the structure. Cushions with high-resilience retain their shape.
  • Side Pockets for Convenient Storage – Side pockets make it easy to access remotes, books and other personal items while seated. This thoughtful addition prevents you from having to search under the cushions.
  • Battery Backup in Power Outages: The chair’s lift continues to work during power outages, so that users are not left stranded. Even without power, the pressure-sensitive lift allows for controlled rise/recline.
  • Cirrus Lifts have a 325 lb weight limit that is generous. This lift can accommodate a variety of body types and sizes. The larger frames and motors will ensure reliable service for many years.
  • Cirrus is available in a variety of styles and fabrics, from vinyls that are easy to clean to plush microfibers. It also comes in attractive 2-tone combinations for any decor. Customization is the finishing touch.

Cirrus offers a lifting experience that is well-rounded, combining thoughtful design with tested quality and a sturdy lift capacity. To learn more about how to customize your Cirrus chair, contact Golden’s team of sales representatives.


Cirrus is the best choice for a reliable, sturdy lift chair.

Aspen lift chairs offer solid performance and safety at a budget-friendly price.

Golden lift chairs offer comfort, convenience and quality. They provide a comfortable and relaxing standing position while also providing mobility assistance.

Golden’s Aspen Series is a great choice for those who need a high-quality lift chair at a budget-friendly price. It offers reliable lifting power and keeps costs low.

Aspen chairs are designed with structural integrity, lifting capacity and reliability.

  • Steel Lift Frames are tested to Industry Standards. Each Aspen lift system must pass a rigorous cycle test that simulates many years of use. The steel lift frames are tested to industry standards. Each Aspen lift mechanism must pass rigorous cycle testing that simulates years of use.
  • Aspen chairs are powered by quiet motors to recline fully. Users can easily change positions, from upright to fully reclining for naps, relaxation, or elevating the legs. No more manual lever recliners.
  • The lift chair’s quilted back pad is easily removable and stain resistant. This allows for easy cleaning. The pads can be removed for a deeper clean or spot-cleaned.
  • The foam cushions are comfortable and provide cloud-like comfort. This high-density cushioning foam provides supportive cushioning without sagging for hours.
  • Tight-Back Design – The chairs have a modern, customized look with their clean, tight-back style. The recliners can be matched to a wide range of decors, unlike large lift chairs.

Golden’s Aspen Series is ideal for those who need basic lift seating. To learn more about the Aspen lift chair or to order one, contact a Golden representative.

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