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SPS Technologies, a leader in precision metal component manufacturing using advanced manufacturing technologies. They have over 50 years’ experience and use their expertise in metal injection molding (MIM), Swiss-machining, as well as other processes, to serve industries that are demanding.

This article will provide an overview of SPS Technologies capabilities in manufacturing precision components.

SPS Technologies

SPS Technologies was founded in Blue Ash, Ohio in 1959 and serves customers worldwide. They have the following core competencies:

  • Metal injection molding (MIM)
  • Swiss machining
  • CNC machining
  • Pressing and Stamping
  • Complex assemblies

They offer a full range of production services, from design to completion, at their 10 manufacturing facilities.


Metal Injection Molding

SPS Technologies has specialized in metal injection mold (MIM), which is a process that they invented to produce small, complex metal components with a near-net shape.

MIM has many advantages.

  • Fine details and tight tolerances
  • Geometries complexes
  • Materials available
  • High production volumes

SPS uses MIM in industries that require precision metal components.

Swiss Machining

SPS uses Swiss CNC machining for ultra-precision metal components. Tolerances can be as low as 0.0002 inch. Swiss machining excels in:

  • Miniature parts
  • Tight tolerances
  • Intricate geometries
  • Single-machine production

SPS Swiss machining expertise is used in the aerospace, medical, electronic, and defense sectors.

Serving Demanding Industries

SPS Technologies supplies critical components to leading market leaders in:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Dental and medical care
  • Automobile
  • Fluid Power
  • Analytical equipment
  • More on this

Their solutions are tailored to meet the strict requirements of industries that are regulated.

SPS Technologies’ expertise in specialized manufacturing processes helps clients realize precision component innovation.

With over 60 years of manufacturing expertise, SPS Technologies stands as a global leader in precision technologies and advanced metal manufacturing. Founded in Blue Ash, Ohio in 1959, SPS Technologies now serves customers around the world across diverse industries.

SPS Technologies sets itself apart through specialized capabilities across critical precision manufacturing processes, including:

  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM) – By combining powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding, MIM delivers high-volume production of complex, high-precision metal parts. SPS Technologies leverages MIM to manufacture small, tight-tolerance components with excellent mechanical properties in a wide array of metals.
  • Swiss Machining – Swiss-type CNC machining excels at high-precision, high-volume production of small, complex parts. The machines enable large unattended manufacturing runs. SPS Technologies utilizes the latest Swiss technologies and techniques to machine ultra-precise medical, aerospace, electronics, and industrial components often requiring micron-level tolerances.
  • CNC Machining – SPS Technologies offers a full range of CNC machining capabilities including milling, turning, grinding and other processes suited to low, medium, and high volume precision parts production. Tight tolerances down to +/- 0.0005 inches are routinely achieved.
  • Pressing and Stamping – With its array of mechanical and hydraulic presses, SPS Technologies provides diverse pressing and stamping options for high production or low volume runs. This allows mass production of precision metal parts or rapid prototyping for design verification.
  • Complex Assemblies – Leveraging its end-to-end manufacturing abilities, SPS Technologies assembles complete mechanisms, instruments, and other systems from precision machined and fabricated components. Cross-discipline expertise ensures robust, tight-tolerance assemblies.

SPS Technologies’ unique blend of specialized manufacturing processes enables them to produce ultra-precise, reliable components and assemblies across industries. Contact SPS Technologies today to discuss your specific project needs.

SPS Technologies, a company that has been manufacturing high-precision components for over 60 years, provides essential components to leading companies in several industries.

  • Aerospace and Defense: SPS Technologies provides critical components for aviation and defense, such as airframe and engine components, landing gears, fasteners and fluid control devices. They are able to deliver aerospace and defense components with tight tolerances because of their expertise in metal manufacturing and specialized machining processes.
  • Dental and Medical Devices – To ensure safety and efficacy, dental and medical devices must be precisely manufactured. SPS Technologies manufactures complex machined and molded parts for dental implants, surgical tools, arthroscopic shears, anesthesia delivery devices, drug delivery device, and other medical equipment.
  • Automotive – Automotive OEMs and suppliers rely on SPS Technologies for precision manufacturing of a variety of auto parts such as powertrain components and fuel system valves. They also rely on SPS Technologies to manufacture fasteners and turbochargers. SPS Technologies helps auto manufacturers improve performance, safety and durability.
  • Fluid Power – High-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic system components must be manufactured flawlessly. SPS Technologies is a specialist in complex, small precision-machined parts for fluid power, such as valves, fittings and cylinders. Tight tolerances and reliability of these parts are crucial. Their components transmit and control power in heavy machinery, factory automation and process systems.
  • SPS Technologies produces intricately machined components for medical diagnostic equipment, laboratory analysis instruments, and sensors. They help analytical equipment to achieve the precision and accurate needed for critical chemical and biological analysis.

SPS Technologies is a leader in regulated and high-precision industries. We achieve success by adhering to strict quality standards, implementing continuous improvements, and investing strategically in next-generation manufacturing technologies.

SPS Technologies’ competitive edge is its ability to manufacture complex components with high precision at a cost-effective price. The company is distinguished by its deep expertise in several key technologies.

  • Metal Injection Molding – MIM combines the versatility and strength of plastic injection molding, with the properties of metal powdermetallurgy. This allows for high-volume productions of metal components that have excellent mechanical properties and are intricate. SPS Technologies uses MIM to produce tiny, complex parts that have fine features and thin wall thicknesses. These are impossible to machine. They have extensive MIM capabilities that can handle parts weighing from 0.008 pounds to over 21 pounds in a wide range of metals, from stainless steel alloys and cobalt chrome.
  • Swiss Machining: Swiss CNC machines are optimized for high-volume productions of small, precise parts. The unique design of the machines allows for continuous operation as well as integration of multiple machining operations in one setup. SPS Technologies advanced Swiss machining centres offer multi-axis capabilities that are ideal for complex geometries with micron-level tolerences, which are common in components used by the medical, aerospace and electronics industries. The staff experts are also constantly adopting the latest Swiss innovations, such as automated part loading/unloading to maximize efficiency.
  • CNC Machining SPS Technologies offers turnkey CNC machining, including advanced milling and turning, drilling, grinding, and more. Their horizontal and vertical CNC machines are versatile enough to cater for low, medium and large volume precision batch production. SPS Technologies’ programmers and operators are able to maintain geometrical and positioning tolerances of +/- 0.0005 inch on all types precision machined components. They can meet even the most challenging application requirements.

SPS Technologies offers specialized manufacturing solutions to customers in high-precision industries. They are able to deliver superior quality, value, and repeatability through their process mastery.

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