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Two Six Technologies Supporting National Security Missions

Two Six Technologies, a technology firm, provides products, services and solutions that are specialized for U.S. national-security missions in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Two Six Technologies, a technology-focused company, supports critical national security missions in the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Two Six Technologies offers a wide range of products and services, including end-to-end solution spanning:

  • Signals Intelligence: Using AI, machine learning and other technologies, Two Six extracts intelligence from SIGINT data to provide analysts with actionable intelligence.
  • Geospatial intelligence – Two Six provides detailed geospatial analyses of imagery, maps and charts, and other intelligence, to support tactical, strategic and operational objectives.
  • Cyber Operations – Government customers are offered offensive and defensive cyber capabilities for exploiting critical assets and infrastructure, and protecting them.
  • Two Six has developed cutting-edge technologies for detection, tracking, and defeating hostile unmanned aircraft systems.
  • R&D and Prototyping: Emerging capabilities can be incubated by R&D, rapid prototypes and field experiments in collaboration with government stakeholders.

Two Six Technologies’ mission-focused approach allows customers in the U.S. National security sector to meet their most challenging challenges.


Two Six Technologies Overview

Two Six Technologies, headquartered in Arlington (VA) and founded in 2016, combines technology expertise with an emphasis on national security. Employee-owned, the company addresses complex technology challenges faced by government clients.

Two Six Technologies, a technology provider with headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and founded in 2016, specializes in national security missions.

Two Six brings together deep mission expertise and next-generation technologies to meet the challenges of federal civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies.

Two Six is an employee-owned business that operates in a collaborative, innovative culture. Their expertise areas include signals intelligence, geospatial Intelligence, cyber operations and unmanned systems.

Two Six has a team of over 1500 engineers, developers and analysts who hold security clearances. They use an integrated full-lifecycle solution to provide end-to-end tailored solutions to meet the needs of each customer.

Two Six’s mission-focused approach and innovative technology allows government clients to stay ahead of the competition and new threats. Their commitment and contributions to the national security continue to strengthen America’s strategic advantage

Two Six Technologies – Key Facts

  • In 2016, the company was founded in Arlington, VA
  • More than 600 employees owners in the United States
  • Provider of technology to U.S. National Security Agencies
  • AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity and data science are all areas of expertise.
  • Holds facility clearance as high as TOP SECRET
  • Certified in ISO 9001 2015 and CMMI Level 3

Two Six Technologies is committed to delivering innovative solutions that will help protect the country. The fact that they are a Veteran-Owned Service-Disabled Small Business brings diversity to the defense industry.

Products and Technology Service Providers

Two Six Technologies offers a broad range of products and services in the field of national security:

  • Software engineering, including cloud migration, DevSecOps and custom development
  • Cybersecurity services covering risk management, training, compliance, forensics
  • Defense missions can benefit from advanced analytics and AI solutions
  • Support for IT infrastructure and communications systems engineering
  • Hardware manufacturing classified and unclassified
  • Sensor development, integration and operation
  • Supply chain consulting, engineering analysis

Two Six has a full-lifecycle integrated approach, from design to deployment and operation. They combine domain expertise and technical innovation in their offerings.

Focus on National Security Missions

Two Six Technologies serves the U.S. National Security Missions across all domains exclusively:

Two Six Technologies is a provider of specialized services for the U.S. National Security Community. They focus exclusively on missions that span across federal agencies, defense, homeland security, intelligence and other federal agencies.

Two Six’s team of engineers, program managers, and developers with relevant mission experience are dedicated to strengthening America’s strategic position and capabilities against adversaries.

Two Six’s focus areas include:

  • Signals Intelligence – Provides advanced SIGINT Solutions leveraging AI ML and Data Science to extract actionable insight from complex electromagnetic data.
  • Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), a geospatial analysis of images, maps and other data, is used to provide vital battlefield information and intelligence.
  • Cyber Operations – Offensive and defensive cyber capabilities to protect and defend critical infrastructure and assets.
  • Unmanned Systems: Developing AI-enabled anti-UAS technologies as well as custom unmanned systems to suit specialized applications.
  • R&D and Prototyping: Incubating new tech capabilities by experimenting, rapid prototyping and conducting field trials with government stakeholders.

Two Six Technologies is dedicated to U.S. National Security missions and provides customers with specialized solutions that help them overcome their most challenging challenges.

Department of Defense

Joint Staff, Combatant Commands and all branches of the military

Two Six Technologies is a technology company that provides products and services for the Department of Defense.

  • Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Staff-Two Six support the highest levels of military strategic leadership with solutions that span intelligence, cybersecurity and enterprise IT modernization.
  • Combatant Commands – Two Six is a trusted COCOM partner for units such as CENTCOM, EUCOM, AFRICOM, INDOPACOM, SOCOM, and many others. We deliver solutions that are tailored to the missions and regions of each unit.
  • Army – Two Six supports the U.S. Army with intelligence, cyber and AV systems, as well as other technologies that support readiness, modernization and multi-domain operation.
  • Air Force – Two Six assists the U.S. Air Force with ISR processing/exploitation, battlefield awareness, space situational awareness, and enabling technologies.
  • Navy – two six provides naval intelligence solutions for the U.S. Navy, including cyber protection and unmanned system/counter-UAS technology.
  • Marines – The U.S. Marine Corps receives technologies for expeditionary SIGINT and active cyber defense. They also get secure communications, augmented-reality training, next-generation IT, and augmented-reality training.

Two Six Technologies, with its experience in serving customers across the Department of Defense spectrum, is a mission partner that enhances joint force capabilities.

Intelligence Community

CIA, NSA NGA NRO and ODNI agencies

Two Six Technologies offers specialized expertise and technology to customers in the U.S. Intelligence Community, including:

  • CIA – As a trusted CIA Partner, Two Six provides advanced analytics, gathering capability, secure communication, and other technology to empower CIA Operations.
  • NSA – Two Six provides expertise in signals intelligence, data science and cryptanalysis, cybersecurity as well as enterprise IT modernization.
  • NGA – For NGA Two Six offers advanced geospatial capabilities, including AI-enabled video, image, and data analysis.
  • NRO – Two Six supports NRO’s satellite intelligence activities with downlink data processing/exploitation, secure dissemination networks, and development labs.
  • ODNI – As the leader of the Intelligence Community, ODNI relies upon Two Six to support enterprise initiatives in data sharing, IT modernization and tradecraft improvement.

Two Six Technologies’ breadth and depth across the IC, as well as within specific agencies, helps to fortify America’s intelligence apparatus against intensifying global threats during an era where strategic competition is rife.

Homeland Security

DHS agencies include CBP, TSA USCG, FEMA and Secret Service

Two Six Technologies offers specialized technologies and service to Department of Homeland Security agencies that are tasked with protecting American security, including:

  • Two Six provides advanced surveillance sensors for customs and border security missions. They also offer counter-UAS technology, tools to detect drugs and contraband, and data analytics.
  • TSA-Two Six helps TSA innovate around screening systems and identity management. They also help TSA improve checkpoint efficiency and protect airports and mass transit with AV/counter AV technologies.
  • USCG – Solutions for secure communication, enhanced domain-awareness, counter-UAS support, drug interdiction, and vessel tracking help the U.S. Coast Guard in its patrol operations.
  • FEMA – FEMA relies heavily on Two Six to provide response coordination platforms. Geospatial analysis is used for damage assessment, resource allocation optimization and overall resilience.
  • Secret Service – Secure presidential communications, anti-drones systems, simulation-based learning, and data-driven Intelligence aid the Secret Service with their protection duties.

Two Six Technologies is a leading provider of security solutions for the DHS.

Federal Civilian Agencies

NASA, State Department and DOE National Labs

Two Six Technologies offers specialized solutions for civilian agencies in the federal government, including:

  • NASA – Two Six provides NASA with communication systems, ground station assistance, and research technologies for space exploration and scientific mission.
  • State Department – Secure global communication networks and technologies as well as cyber protections and emerging capabilities help State Department diplomatic and foreign policy goals.
  • DOE National Laboratories – As trusted R&D partners, Two Six collaborates with national labs on innovative technologies for biosecurity, quantum computing, energy research, nuclear counterproliferation, and more.
  • DARPA-Two Six collaborates with DARPA to develop innovative initiatives in quantum networking, microelectronics and AI/ML.
  • Two Six – For health and medical researchers, Two Six offers advanced data science and analytics, HPC capabilities and IT modernization.

Two Six Technologies’ expertise in serving this broad spectrum of federal agencies enables mission successes beyond the confines the defense and intelligence sector.

Two Six’s specialized knowledge of missions and environments allows it to deliver relevant solutions that enhance national security outcomes.

Why partner with Two Six Technologies

Two Six Technologies offers government customers:

  • Exclusively for national security, mission-focused solutions
  • Support for all phases of development, from concept to operation
  • Expertise in cyber, analytics cloud, AI and more
  • Offerings tailored to specific program needs
  • Experience in serving the major intelligence and defense agencies
  • Commitment to ethics and transparency

Contact their technical experts for public service to discuss your mission needs

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